Queen of the hill?


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Jun 20, 2016
Alright yolks! I'm not worried or anything, but I wanted to show you what two of my ladies did when I was just out at their run.

Besides it being cute...why are they flying/jumping onto my back?
Sometimes it's a dominance thing, sometimes they just want to be closer to you, and sometimes they just want to be higher and they see an opportunity. Hopefully no one left you with a poopy shirt.
No poopy shirt thankfully! One of the girls, Lulu (lest side), always seems skittish and has a wild look in her eyes. This was the second time she's tries to get on my back and the first time she succeeded. She didn't peck or anything and I let them stay up there for a few minutes.
Not a habit I allow to continue......can be very annoying, and dangerous to the face and eyes, if birds are allowed to jump on your shoulders.
I usually don't let them but...I don't mind when they do. Usually I sit down with them and hang out.
Might be dominance thing.
Are they squatting yet?
If so, act like a rooster and give them a short 1-2 second back rub when they do. That way they will see you as the rooster. Makes them easier to handle.
@carlf...They will squat down when I come around. I stroke them a few times, they shake themselves off, and move on.

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