Question!!! 8 months and no eggs.....???? :/ HELP!

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  1. Hi all!! Towards the end of March I got two Easter Eggers. They were both day olds--both from the same hatch. One I named Hazel and one I named Pippy. So Hazel started laying beautiful green/blue color eggs around mid-September. I thought "Yay! Pippy will start laying as well!" Well here I am in November with 6 out of 7 chickens laying, and I can't figure out why Pip won't lay! She's 8 months old, and at the bottom of the pecking order. I have one more BR that is a week younger than her... Other than that she has no younger 'siblings.' Another things is my friend got two EE's from the same feed store, same age, same hatch and they're not laying yet either... Sooo is there something wrong with Pippy? Will she never lay or is she just a REALLY late bloomer? They sleep up in a loft that I can't see--I thought maybe she was laying up there, but I think I would smell rotting eggs, but I will check anyways. Thank you!!!--chickencrazy429
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    well have you seen Hazel lay every green egg? Because all of my easter eggers lay green eggs and so maybe Pippy has layed their eggs are just the same color
  3. Our EE Margaret laid late, almost eight months. EEs are notorious late bloomers, almost never are every-day layers, ect. Just be patient. I don't think you or your friend have anything to worry about.
  4. Ok!! Cause Hazel laid right around 6 months. I'll just wait it out. :)
    Well... yes... just about. :)

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