Question about 2 flocks


11 Years
May 8, 2008
Cottage Grove, OR
I have 2 hen houses on my property. One that I built in my shop (house A) and one that was on my property when we moved here (house B). House B was not where I wanted to have my chickens so that is why I didn't use it at first. Now I am wanting to add more chickens (I know, I should have know at first that 12 wouldn't be enough!!!) I don't think house A is big enough to add another 12+ hens, but house B is.

The problem is, my chickens free range all day on our 5 acres, and B chickens would have the same access to the land as A chickens do. So B chickens could go in A house and A chickens could go in B house. I don't want to build a chicken run because where both of the chickens houses are is where I will be adding goats in the spring, and I don't want to make the goats area any smaller.

So, will the 2 flocks be able to live together, but not sleep together?
Is there anyway to program the chickens to where they should be and where they shouldn't be? Any suggestions on how to make the transition easier? Or should I just keep with my 12 and be happy?




11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
Northern Colorado
I have two coops right next to each other. So far they go to their own coops to roost. I let them out for a few hours when I get home from work, not sure what would happen if they were to hang out together all day.

when I begin breeding of course they will all need to be separated.

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