Question about a doubble yolk egg

Not a stupid question. how else can you learn? Yes some folks have hatched a fertile double yolker. I never have. It isn't common for them to make it, but some do. my only double yolker chicks died in shell and now I candle and try not to mess with double yolker chicks, hard enough to hatch singles. Best of luck to you if you give it a try.
If you decide to incubate a double yolk egg would it hatch 2 chicks? I hope this aint a stupid question....:idunno
If both yolks are fertile, the egg has the potential to develop and hatch two chicks. In reality it is a bad idea to incubate double yolk eggs because in most cases it ends badly for at least one if not both of the chicks. The inside of the egg really does not have enough room for two chicks after a certain stage. There is also the need for both chicks to have access to the air cell so they don't drown or suffocate during the final stages before hatching.

You can do a search in the Incubating & Hatching Eggs forum for threads about hatching double yolk eggs.
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I let a broody hen set a double yolk egg many years ago, just out of curiosity. She hatched it, and both chicks appeared fine at first. But one just wouldn't grow. It only lived about two and a half weeks, and it was still as tiny as the day it hatched. The second chick grew up fine and healthy :)
This was something I looked at in my undergraduate study, and it is very interesting! I do, however, advise against it unless the egg appears VERY large and the yolks appear to be approximately the same size through careful candling.

As stated, there is not enough room for ideal development and hatching position. Also, if one embryo dies during incubation, the bacteria that forms becomes toxic and often results in 2 fatalities.

I do, however, get several double yolked eggs each week, and I would love to try and incubate one next year!

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