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So my chick that got chilled from falling in its water and couldnt walk is all better now. Save one thing. It is eating and drinking well and is mobile, albiet clumsiliy. turns out One of its legs is not working properly. It cant straighten it out and looks like the hock? joint is turned a bit funny....

Can the chick overcome this in time and live a productive life? i feel like it might learn to compensate as it gets older. It already is getting where it wants to go.

Its doing so well otherwise, id hate for it to have to die just becuase of that. It could be genetic, but I think it looks more like it laid funny in the egg. I can get pictures to show...Im just not experianced enough to know what the outcome might be.

Any advice?
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Are you sure it wasn't like that before the water incident and that maybe the leg was the reason the water incident happened?

I don't know the answer to your question, but I did have a similar situation with a chick last Summer. She didn't grow as fast as the rest and wasn't as social either. The older she got the more difficult it was for her to get around. Eventually her legs couldn't support her weight and we had to cull her before she reached 2 months.

We never were able to figure out what caused it but it didn't spread to the others. It was likely genetic.

Best of luck with yours.
Oh im sure its why the chick fell in the water now. The one leg is completely normal. I just didnt notice it before as it was so weak and couldnt stand at all. We are brand new to chickens so still learning to recognise things.

Well, bummer that it may be life ending. I suppose we will moniter and if it seems to not thrive or has any issues, we will cull it.
I thought id saved that baby *cry*
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I hatched a chick a few months ago with a similar issue. One leg stuck out completely, and the chick had some difficulty getting around. I thought that as long as the chick could get to the food and water, and the other chicks weren't picking on him, I would let him go. Unfortunately, after a week or so he wasn't growing, and then the other leg did the same thing, so he was completely immobile and died shortly thereafter. It only happened to that one and I have no idea what it was.

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