Question about a nest of eggs I found.......Muscovy

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by okiechick57, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. okiechick57

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    [​IMG] I found them I found them !
    A whole dozen eggs [​IMG]
    Now the question I have is this.......... they are somewhere around 2 weeks to days do I know if I can hatch in a bator? any way to tell? advice or information appreciated [​IMG]
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  2. hypnofrogstevie

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    Jul 12, 2007
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    Did you try to candle to see if they are fertile? I hope you get some babies out of them
  3. hatchcrazzzy

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    Jun 8, 2007
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    usually eggs are good up to 10 days maybe you could mark and leave one or leave fake eggss so they will still lay.then save the eggs for 10 days
  4. okiechick57

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    okay.............that sounds like a plan.......they laid these under my I locked them out and havent seen an egg since.........If I put on in henhouse where they used to lay little banty jumps off her pile of eggs onto them? geesh........ well.... I will do the float test on these to see if they can at least be eaten..........the float test does work on these too ?
  5. Dodgegal79

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    Dec 1, 2007
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    I've been finding eggs like that in my yard, I guess they are from Muscovys. I've been finding them and putting them in the incubator. When should i candle them? I hope your are good. At least they were all together, my are in random places right now.
  6. okiechick57

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    Quote:I am being lazy and do not want to leave this site and search for pics of what I look for when I candle them? help........
  7. Happyhenz

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    Aug 15, 2007
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    i dont think you can candle them to see if they are fertile unless the embryo has started to develop.
    In which case the mama duck would be sitting on them.
    I also wouldnt "float test" them if you want to incubate them.
    If you wanna eat them then i would test
  8. okiechick57

    okiechick57 Songster

    Happy, I did the float test..........none of them did can I incubate ?maybe? I am soooooo confused. I do not generally eat duck eggs.....use them for baking and crafts..but have someone waiting for me to send her some?
  9. Happyhenz

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    Aug 15, 2007
    Canberra Australia
    how long do you think they ahve been there?

    Mussies lay large lots then sit on them and some eggs may be up to 15-20 days old.
    They still seem to bring them out.
    DId you float them in warm or cold water?
  10. okiechick57

    okiechick57 Songster

    any where from 2 weeks to 3 days? I marked one and put it in henhouse today.hoping since I shut off under the house.that they would lay in there again...I think I may have to start over....I do have some I do know the age of.just unsure still , about how long I can wait before shipping them out?
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