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Apr 9, 2016
California's Redwood Coast
Yeah definetly will,i heard some folks say they are less agressive with a duo,so i got curious and made a thread:lol:.
This is really NOT the case according to my experience.

I gave a friend a pair of Lavender Silkies. That pair sticks together among her large mixed flock. The cock avoids her other roosters. But he attack my friend every time he gets the chance. My son who works for them also get attacked every time his back is turned and has taken to punting him like a soccer ball into the fence. I am completely appalled not only by the behavior but also by the fact that her husband will not allow this idiot of a rooster to be dispatched. It is NOT cute for little critters to attack people. I now regret giving those hatchery chicks to my friend! Maybe if you get one from somewhere that selects for demeanor in their parent stock is a good idea. Yes, I repeat... Silkie, the claimed most docile breed!

But I would not personally get a bantam boy to "roam 15 acres', as I may never see him or know if he survived. If I was going to get a duo... I'd make it a trio and give them their own little set up where I KNEW I could interact with them on a regular basis.

I've raised a couple hundred cockerels with a large portion being bantam... The bantam boys are every bit as hormonal and stupid, if not a tad more stupid than large fowl boys. But again, each is an individual and ya just never know.

They recently offered me hatching eggs from that duo, even to sell... I said NO thanks... attitude breeds forward!

I keep bantam and large fowl roosters together all the time on less than an acre, regardless of breed. Individual attitude effects flock wide dynamics. ;)


Apr 29, 2009
Wilson, NC
I have two flocks. One has an OEGB, a bantam Delaware, a bantam barred rock and Cochin roo. They are all pretty laid back. The OE is lead roo. He is my daughters pet. We pick him up, carry him around, he will sit on her head. The Delaware and the OE are the only ones I have seen breed, but none of them fight.
The other flock has one EE (standard size), and two d'Uccles, one porcelain, one Millie Fleur. All the hens seen to prefer the EE roo, but something Millie roo gets some action. I just heard porcelain crow for the first time yesterday and he is as old as the rest. They don't fight either, but will sometimes try to interfere with someone else mating. The only agressive roo has a new home guarding his own flock of hens after chasing my daughter all the way around the house. I think it depends on breed and handling. Our OE is the only roo that is a pet. The only time he has ever pecked was when I when to kiss his head and he got my lip. It didn't hurt and he hasn't done it again even though he gets kisses all the time. He's just too cute!
I think we got really lucky.


Jun 16, 2013
northwest Arkansas
I separated out my 7 serama cockerels and put them in the back yard as they are way too randy with the rest of the flock. They are great with me and like to be carried around and would make great pets but nobody wants them. I have silkie and Polish cockerels coming up in age also. Looking forward to lots of boy trouble I suspect. One of the seramas has figured out how to escape the back yard and get back to the chicken yard-little bugger.

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