Question about bringing new chickens to flock... does it ever go well?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by robbinbaker, Apr 27, 2009.

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    I have three 1-year old layers and three 2 month old pullets. I let them get to know each other through the chicken wire this weekend and today let them meet in person while free-ranging around the yard. Everyone seems fine about everyone else. The leader of the older three and the leader of the younger three are sizing each other up a bit, but other than that there has been no aggression or posturing. They all seem to be saying, "Humpf. New girls. Huh. No biggie."

    My question is: Am I delusional? Am I going to turn my back and find them all bloody and wounded? I expected 10 days of "through the wire" and then to have to sneak the new girls in at night under cover of darkness. But they really don't seem to give a poop about each other.

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    You know, I felt the same way when introducing my new pullets to the flock last year. The thing is, I think that the young ones are still much smaller than the rest of your flock, so they are not seen as a threat. They are on the bottom of the pecking order from the get-go.
    I haven't had a problem introducing young ones to my flock. It's just when I introduce another full grown bird that they get testy! Good luck~
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    Quote:You are fine. You did the right thing letting them see each other for awhile before joining them. They are gonna push each other around, but probably no blood.
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    I have 6 hens and 2 roos that are 1 year old and then I have 10 pullets that are 2months old. I have a coule of hens that insist on being bullies and the roos may try to breed them. They are so muh smaller I won't put them together until the chicks get bigger. They do see each other when they are out free ranging but I always supervise. The one hen will always try to get a peck in when i'm not looking. As soon as I make eye contact with her she backs off.

    And they say chckens are stupid.

    They seem to be getting along more and more. But I keep a close eye on the chicks when I let them out to roam. I have this to go through for a while yet. I have 4 week olds and 2 week olds and 1 that is a week old. I had only 1 hatch so I bought a couple to keep her company.

    So I would be very careful about leaving them alone in a confined area until they are welcomed by all the flock
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    I am getting a 3 or 4 week old silkie. Im afraid he will fight with the younger 2 week old chicks.
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