Question about broken eggs?

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    I bought some new hens. I got three barred rocks and two rhode islands. Well i have had them 4 days now and they are laying like crazy! I am getting an egg from each hen but most of the eggs i get are broken or cracked and the shells are very thin in some spots. I have oyster shell out for the hens to eat, but what else can i do to help get eggs i can actually be eating? [​IMG] Has anyone else had experiences with this? Any advice?
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    They sound like they have a calcium deficiency. It will rectify itself given enough time and free choice oyster shells. A couple of crushed up TUMS in their feed or water will help it along. Also, mixing in some of the "flour" from the bottom of your bag of oyster shells into their feed is a good way to get an extra boost of calcium. In the meantime make sure they have enough cushioning in their nesting boxes because with the thin shells just the drop from their vents to the bottom of the boxes will be enough to crack their eggs. One of my older ladies has a calcium deficiency going on, consequently she lays eggs that frequently get broken. It's taken about 4 months to get her shells back up to par.

    Good luck.

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