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if i posted pics of my 6 bunnies and the 4 babies i have in a nest can anyone here tell me what breeds they r and what the standard color name is for them?

i know some r lops, dutch ect. and need to know if they look purebreed or mixed. they r suppost to be all purebreed but i'm not sure if the breeds i was told r right on some of them. we r trying to learn the names of the colors also. we will be showing them this year so i need to learn these things,lol.
i know i have 2 bucks and a 4 does i can sex them so that's not a prob there.

also i have 2 possible moms for the babies i don't know who mom is. day after i got one of the does i had babies but my lop is who pulled fur and the new one is who is nurseing and careing for them. breeder says noway black one is a mom and her last batch is now 11 weeks old baby was still nurseing some from her when she seprerated them. her baby was to old to nurse and found a different home. is it possible this mom adopted and is fostering my lops first litter or is the black one the mother? the lop guards them but is not careing for them , never seen her attept to nurse them or care for them. lost a baby today so i seperated the black mom and brought her and nest inside since she is who i see careing for them and nurseing. mom and babies r doing good.

a few other questions i had is can rex breed be crossed with other breeds or will it make a genetic defect that kills the babies? something due to causeing birth deffects of the jaws or heads or something causeing babies not to eat or mothers to not properly be able to nurse them?? she also told me can't put males together and can't put a pregnant female in with other non pregnant female. is that true too?

sorry so many questions we just want to make sure we r doing everything right. i have boys seperated, mom? and babies seperated and the other 3 girls r together, 2 of which have been together since last march as babies dh bought me for my birthday at tsc. i have always raised my boys with boys and girls with girls and never had to seperate them except to breed. does this breeder know what she is talking about??? what do u guys think? i can post pics if someone can help me on breed and colors will take them tomarrow and post.
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* The 'problem' with rabbits-- if you consider it a problem, that is-- is that there are dominant genes and recessive genes, just as with any species. My rabbits were ALL supposed to be purebreed SATINS. So, I was a little surprised when one of my does threw a black ANGORA buck!!
Your new babies might be a clue-- are they a mix of colors, furs, ears, etc.?? If so, they are probably not purebreed.
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Quote:Thats one of my FAVES! Do you have a house rabbit as well?

I might be able to help on the breeds, I work with a rabbit rescue sooo I have oodles of books and rabbit exp.


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I've never had a problem crossing rex with other breeds, you just don't get the rex fur (unless you cross with a mini-rex). I believe that the problem you are referring to is when two "mini's" are bred, which will typically result in 1/4 of the kits either being re-absorbed into the mother or being stillborn. This is due to the "mini" gene. Standard sized rabbits (6-13 lbs) typically don't have birth defects, unless genetics or living conditions cause them. The defect rate is much lower.

The only problem I have ever had with rabbits is finding them homes. Since I have decided to begin a bit of homesteading (and since the price of meat has skyrocketed), there hasn't been a problem with what to do with the extras. I hope that you have homes lined up or are willing to cull/eat the ones that aren't show quality. Not every baby will survive, and not every rabbit is show worthy. If you want the best, cull for temperament AND show qualities. A rabbit can be a show winner in looks, but if they are mean, bite, or scratch, they can be disqualified from the show.

Also, adult rabbits should be housed seperately, even if they are not pregnant. Rabbits are individual dwellers, and can severely hurt or kill one another if kept together. With that being said, sometimes pet rabbits can be housed together, if and only if they have been raised together. I don't risk it with any of mine. I have my kits together, but no adults. The kits will remain together until 8 weeks, at that point, they either find homes or go to freezer camp.

With that being said, I hope that you enjoy your rabbits. They are wonderful animals and provide a wonderful amount of love and satisfaction to their owners, so long as they are well cared for. You sound like you are well on your way to being a rabbit breeder.

Emily in NC

PS - Seperate the babies at no later than 7 weeks. I leave females in with mom and males go in a grow out cage. Rabbits can breed at 8 weeks old, and believe me, it is not the best thing for them. I wouldn't breed a rabbit until it is a minimum of 4 months old, perferably 6 months.

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