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    Okay, so I know that Easter Eggers are NOT a breed in and of themselves, but rather a "mutt". I also know that not all mutts "breed true" - i.e. sex-links. So if an Easter Egger and a RIR get together and produce a chick that has green legs and a rose comb, is that chick also an Easter Egger? And what are the chances that chick will lay colored eggs if the chick itself hatched from a light brown colored egg?

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    I also know that not all mutts "breed true" - i.e. sex-links

    Mutts wont breed true nor will Sex-links.

    Sex-links are a one time deal.

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    Quote:If you are saying that the EE hatched from a light brown egg, I would say your chances of getting a green egg layer are pretty slim.
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    The chick won't have a rose comb [​IMG] EE's have pea combs, not rose combs, and that's only if the EE actually has a homozygous (100% pure) pea comb.

    Granted if the EE is green legged, has a homozygous pea comb, and genes for blue eggs - you get green legged green egg layers that, yes, are still EE's.

    If the EE does not have a homozygous pea comb or lays brown eggs, you'll get about 50% chance of EE's and 50% chance of brown egg laying chickens that you may call EE's, but I personally wouldn't.

    The green legs will only pop up if the parent has them, or if the parent has a lot of black in the shanks. Green legs, however, are not a required trait for an EE [​IMG]

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