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Apr 11, 2012
Hart County,Kentucky
My rooster got killed and i am wanting to get my hens eggs and hatch them before time runs out because she is not i put the eggs in everyday or do i wait and put them in all together ? i am only going to try 4 of them....PLEASE HELP
Eggs are good for hatching up to about a week , some people say a few days longer and some a few days less , If you are really wanting to hatch eggs from your rooster Id gather for a week then put them all in to make shure you get some hatching isnt always a 100% so if you want four Id put in extra. GOod luck and iM shure someone that knows more will answer soon
A hen can hold sperm from a mating for up to 4 weeks. You can collect and store eggs for 2 weeks before setting them in the incubator. During those 2 weeks, I store mine in egg cartons on the kitchen counter and I turn them all once a day from pointy side up to pointy side down and back again. Set them all at the same time.
When I collect mine I put them in a egg Carton. I put the Carton in my cabinet where my dishes are. I put a bottle cap under one end and switch ends each day when I add new eggs. I also mark the date on them so I can keep track of how old they are.
oh thanks ! it is my first time hatching so i really hope it turns out...she set for a while but then stopped when the owl killed the roo.. and now she just lay's and get's up and i only catch her on the nest 2 to 3 time's a day 4 at the most....
they are still there..i have been getting her fresh one's she has been laying...i have candled them and i can't tell if there is anything or not all i see is a blob in the middle ?
Can you see any veining? Do you know how far along they should be? If they are past 7 days into development you should be seeng veins.
You might have to bring the ones shes already started in. If shes not broody any more she might not keep them warm enough to keep going. Do a search on staggered hatches and see if that's something you want to try.

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