Question about emergency heating using propane grill.


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Feb 23, 2020
So... where I live, it's usually pretty warm. It usually rarely gets down to freezing and if it does, it's usually just barely freezing.

Because of this, I usually let my girls sleep outside at night. They aren't unprotected mind you. Theres a metal canopy above the run/cage that protects them from rain and nocturnal predators. So, they can safely roost outside of the coop at night and many of my girls do choose to stay outside while my roosters tend to stay in the actual coop.

Anyhow, we're having a bit of a freak freeze where I am. And its gonna be about 30 degrees (farenheit) below freezing. I've heard it might get as low as 3 degrees.

Their coop is pretty far away and running an electric heater seems unfeasible.

Now, I know this probably sounds absoulutely stupid, but I was wondering if I could use a propane grill to maybe help keep the birds roosting outdoors warm since I dont think they're gonna be too keen on sleeping in the coop.

I have a way of keeping them off of the grill directly. And, the inside of the cage/run is barren of pretty much all vegetation. So, nothing to catch fire really.

I was mostly concerned about potential carbon monoxide poisoning but... given that its outdoors and only lightly shrouded, I figure most of it would blow away.

Once again, I know this is probably a stupid "solution" to the cold and I'm probably not gonna end up actually putting the grill out there. But, I was just worried about the temperature. This is the first time it's ever gotten this cold here since owning chickens. In fact, I think this'll be the coldest its been here the past 20 years. Its practically unheard of for it to get to 3 degrees where I live. And, I kinda hate to just leave them out there in the cold.

I suppose if the grill is too stupid of an idea, (which it probably is) I'll just try putting up some tarps and wind blockers before night comes.
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Oct 4, 2017
Lincolnton, NC
They don’t need heat, they need ventilation and a dry place to go. You’ve provided this, and they will be fine. Don’t use a propane grill - that doesn’t sound like a safe plan. People raise chickens in Alaska where temperatures get way lower than that. Your chickens will be fine.

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