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I have been using Purina Sunfresh for over 6 years for my ducks and now my chickens. But lately I have been reading posts about how bad Purina feed is and that alot of posters won't feed it to their flock, and that animal protein is better for them than plant protein, so now I am wondering if I should change to a different feed. I want to feed the best quality feed that I can afford, thats why I choose Purina and I was worried about the d/c eating animal protein that might have come from sick cows etc. Our feed store sells Homestead and Purina and thats it. They would probably order me what I want but at this point I don't really know whats best, thats why I am turning to ya'll who are more knowlegeable about this than I. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have Thanks, Patty
Honestly, if your animals have been healthy, productive, and happy, I would not change because of what other people say. Are you happy with the eggs you are getting? Now, if you are not happy, or your animals seem to have trouble staying healthy, then I would consider changing.

Different people have different priorities. Organic and non-GMO are important in my family, so we spend extra $ to feed our chickens and pets that way, too. Does that mean people who chose differently are wrong? NO!
Purina Sunfresh is an excellent feed. I would feed it myself if it werent so expensive here. You can always supplement your feed if your worried about it. Some people feed cat food to add protein.
Well said..

Thanks! I think it is easy for people to read some of the discussions here and start doubting what they are doing. This time it is about food. There is another thread today about coop envy. Sometimes the "keeping up with the Jones" mentality is so programmed into us that it starts affecting even our chickens. I am not saying this is a conscious mentality. We don't even realize it. Just because many people spend $25 on a bag of feed does not mean there is anything wrong with an $8 bag.

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