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    Excuse my ignorance, but my neighbor told me something that just sounded strange to me, and I wanted to ask you all if this is possible. He has some mixed breed small / medium sized hens that lay smaller to medium light brown eggs. He wanted bigger eggs like mine so I gave him a big rooster when his last one got taken by a predator. I figured since his hens go broody often, he could hatch some eggs from my roo and his hens and those chicks may give him what he wants down the road. I talked to him a few days ago and asked how the rooster was doing. He said "he is great, he's got my hens laying those big brown eggs like yours." I asked again just to make sure I heard right, and he said it again. I assumed that the type of egg a hen lays was based on her genetics, but will the egg being fertilized by a rooster change the size or color of the egg? Excuse me if this sounds completely crazy, or completely normal. I just didn't know and figured I would ask the pros. TIA for your help.
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    Hen determines size and color of egg. Perhaps his hens are young? The first eggs can be smaller, then can get larger as she continues laying. Think of all those Large and Extra Large eggs in the grocery store that never see sperm from a rooster.
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    That's just not happening. Either he is hallicinating or pulling your leg. [​IMG]
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    Not a chance of either happening.
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    Doesn't surprise me. He's been known to exaggerate. I'm thinking that he may have thought that I said my roo would give him bigger eggs (which I did, just not in that context), and maybe he didn't want me to feel bad when it didn't work (according to his perceived context), so he just said it to be nice.

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