question about flock composition


5 Years
Apr 5, 2014
Hi all,

Looking for help.
We acquired two hens, an Isa brown and an Australorp.
The brown is laying, but the black isn't. Which is fine.
But we were hoping to get a third or fourth but the breeder we got them from advised that they had heard of problems with flocks with uneven numbers of different colours where the majority picks on the minority (a strange idea, i know).
I'm thinking isa brown is the best bet, but she's already muscling out the black a little.

Has anyone else heard anything like this? Or can we just pick what we want as some chickens are just jerks, regardless of colour?
Chickens are quite colour conscious actually! I have two Aussies and a production red. The red is the boss. It's best not to get another of the one in charge. Also, keep in mind that adding one hen to a flock (yes even of two) is extremely difficult. They will likely both bully the new hen. You are always better off adding Atleast two as there is safety in numbers and when they are rejected they atleast have someone to chill with:) Best of luck!
Wow. That was super useful! Thanks a lot for the info. The breeders sounded like they knew what they were talking about but part of me wondered if it was really all that hard. But it makes sense for a social animal to have difficulties. Very good to hear a second opinion.

I wanted to get 2 more Isa Browns, but that would seemingly lead to trouble for the Australorp. I have the option of getting 2 Rhode Island whites or a mix of them. Any opinions?

Thanks again
Yes I think two more Reds may mean trouble for your Aussie:) I think you could go anything but the reds and be pretty safe. My Aussies really do love to chill together though. Perhaps another black and whatever else?? Anyway up to you:)

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