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Jun 18, 2019
I am new to peacocks. My ducks and chickens are free range (but put up at night). How do you manage to do peacocks? They cost too much to just open the door and let them graze... mine are about 2 and a half months old.
welcome to BYC, sorry I don't know a thing about peacocks, but the zoos have them out free ranging just like we do our chickens. but not knowing where you are and predators they might have to deal with I cannot advise.
you guys know anything about them or who might?
To protect your pea cocks and hens, I would recommend looking into electric hot wire around their outdoor pen. Permitting them to free range when you aren't around to watch them, invites predators taking them.
I live in Arkansas... we have raccoons, possums, foxes, bob cats, deer, owls and bears... but I have only seen owls, raccoons and possums... I have lost a few chickens but I think it was due to a DOG... they are free range around here hahaha

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