question about geese behavior with back story


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Oct 8, 2009
northeast corner al
ok, i hatched out two Toulouse geese. i lucked up and got a gander and a goose. my cousin and i have raised these geese from day one. they are about 6 months old. when they were younger the kid would run and they would follow wings out stretched. well in the last month they have started going after my kids ages 8 and 5. the kids just think it is funny. the geese don't hurt them or anything. well the kids are not the only people they try to go after. anybody that comes in the yard is subject to loud honking and if that does not work they start walking toward the people. if that doesn't work they will run and bite. now these geese are little angel with me. they always are there to meet me when i get home from work. they start the soft honking, and the gander will try to stand as close to me as possible. if one of the kids or any of the other animals come up to me they attack. is this normal? i can't even have visitors without them calling first, because i have to put the geese up. they are the second pair of geese that i have. the first are roman tufted geese and i got them from a hatchery. but this is the first year that i have ever had geese.
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Apr 4, 2011
Sounds perfectly normal for imprinted geese. It's cute when they're small, not so when they get large.



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Dec 17, 2009
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That's really good to know. Then again that behavior should be with most animals. It's not working on my Tom Turkey. He's mean to female humans for some reason. Great with me though. I may be calling him dinner soon.

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