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    Hi. I have a hen that went broody a couple weeks ago and at first I was taking her out of the coop and was going to start attempting to break her of it but she was very determined, so I decided to let her go ahead and hatch a few chicks. The last time I did this was with my little Silkie and I had collected 5 eggs over the course of a few days and then placed them all at once under her. This time however while trying to do that I found she was still laying an egg a day and I suspect she was collecting them from the other gals as every day there were more eggs under her! So over the course of a week she has ended up with 12 eggs.I have taken a pencil and marked them so I can remove the newest laid ones and let her sit on the 12 that are there.
    Now my question is how long will she sit on them after the first chicks hatch? Will she sit for the 21 days needed for the last eggs? And I know the chicks that hatch first are ok without food or water for around 48 hours or so but then she will have to leave to show them where to eat etc. wont she?
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