Question about hatching duck eggs with chicken eggs.

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    I recently purchased some EE eggs at a local auction. They said were Auracanas but I know better and bought them knowing what they were but what I didn't notice is that there were three duck eggs in one of the cartons. I didn't tell my DS because he is crazy about ducks and didn't want him to get his hopes up if they don't hatch. My question is how can I hatch them in the same incubator as the chicken eggs? I don't know what type of duck eggs they are and I thought duck eggs need higher humidity to hatch. I only have one homemade incubator and buying/building another for three eggs is out of the question. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Depending on your incubator settings, skill level, and the eggs' genetic make-up, length of incubation will differ, as well as the numbers listed below. A couple degrees off could mean a big change in length of incubation and possibly a big failure!!! If the eggs are from a good broody hen the numbers should be right on. Because the humidity level is different, it may be difficult to hatch the chicks and ducks in the same bator, but I dont know, I have never tried to hatch the two at the same time. Good luck!

    Species Incubation Temp (F.) Relative Humidity Stop

    Period Forced Air Humidity Last 3 Days Turning Eggs

    all poultry 21 days 99.5 60-65% 80-85% 19th day

    Ducks 28 days 99.5 70-75% 90-95% 26th day

    Muscovy 35-37 days 99.5 70-75% 90-95% 34th day

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