Question about Hatching


7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
Bostic, North Carolina
I am setting up my incubator to hatch eggs...I have always used an automatic turner and this time I do not have one...can anyone tell me about how to turn the eggs correctly...everything that I have read says two completely different things...please let me know...I am only putting in about 18 or 20 eggs...I do not know how this will turn out it is only my second time using an incubator...I am scared because I do want to have a good hatch...I know lockdown on day 18 so I am going to set them in on the 10th and have December 1st babies...I hope someone can help me out...I was not worried last time but I am this time...also humidity is another issue I have never used this incubator before so should I fill all the water rings with lukewarm water? Or just fill two of them?
well i have read to always turn your eggs an odd number of times a day. 3 or 5. one times a day isn't enough and only turning 2 times a day can cause a chick to stick. if you do only turn twice a day, always do it 12 hrs apart so it isn't sitting on one side longer than the other. so if you turn at 7 am turn at 7pm. never skip a day. that means if you like to sleep in on the weekend too bad. get up at 7am, turn them, and go back to bed. go buy a thermometer that measures humidity as well instead of just guessing. i have heard humidity is far more important than the temp. hope i helped.
I plan on turning them 5 times a day...I will have to find a humidity gauge tomorrow since I have not gotten the eggs yet I still have time...I have to get it regulated tonight and tomorrow.

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