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  1. A friend gave us a trio of mottled bantam cochins yesterday...2 roo's and a hen. The hen's about a year old...roos about 2 years old. We put them in the pen yesterday evening and the hen only gets out of her "box" to get water and feed and then goes right back in. (BTW, these 3 have been in together since they were chicks.) Would she be going broody a brand new pen?

    I will say that there were about 15 in their pen at our friends house so they have a LOT more room in their new pen.

    We have some fertilized eggs that we just picked up this morning. Should we put an egg under her and see what she does?
  2. Anyone have any advice??
  3. miss_thenorth

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    I would say-go ahead and put eggs under her. If she sets, great. If not, oh well. OTOH, maybe watch her for a few days...keep the eggs, but don't refrigerate them. If she is still setting--then put them under her.
  4. Thanks so much for your reply...I think we'll try an egg under her today and if she gets off repeatedly, we'll take it to the incubator.
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    You don't have to put a hatching egg in peril. Just put ANY egg in her nest, if she commits, you can swap in the good eggs from the incubator or you can incubate the eggs and slip the chicks back to her to raise if she stays on task.
  6. suebee

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    Wow that would be amazing if she's broody given the fact that you just got her yesterday, with all new surroundings and such!
    Let us know what happens!
  7. I think you're right, suebee. She didn't commit...I think she was just test driving her new space. We put the egg in the incubator! She did sit on it for a while and kept tucking it back up under herself, turned it over with her beak, etc. I think when and if the time comes that she becomes broody, she'll do her best to be a good mama hen.
  8. MissPrissy

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    She is probably frightened. Close places make them feel safe and sheltered. Until she warms up to her new home she may hide and be very skittish.
  9. Miss Prissy I know you are right. We handle our chickens and although she and the roos are sweet, they aren't used to being handled. We're doing it anyway and they are starting to warm up to it. We go in with apple slices in hand...WOW, what a way to make a chicken friend!! These guys have never had treats so they are in heaven!!

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