Question about homemade incubator wiring.


15 Years
Dec 24, 2008
Ocala, Florida
Ok, I decided to build an incubator I have gathered everything I need including an old computer fan. I have seen on BYC two different ways to wire the fan. One is to the light which connects to the thermostat and the other is to wire it straight to a plug. If I chose the first method wouldn't the fan turn off when the light turns off? Any suggestions?
Yes the light would turn off with the fan. I had mine wired that way first, didn't like it. I wanted the constant air flow. I like it much better with the fan going straight to the plug. My temps stay more consistant.
I wired mine to one of those AC adapters that plugs into a cell phone or other cordless item, then I just plug that to the wall.
hi I am a new farmer and my birds have started laying but will like to hatch them.I will like to build my own incubator,need help from you guys(things I will need to maintainance) Plz help
I got all my information on the hatching eggs/incubating threads. Look there and I'm sure you can find a design and all the information you need. I'm building one of the icechest types.

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