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8 Years
Jun 20, 2011
Central Pennsylvania
Okay, I have three active eggs. Two with noticeable cracks/chips in the shell, and the third which has none, but that one seems to be the one that moves around the most. I don't want to open the bator to see if the beaks are through the air sacs, but I think that third one is peeping, which it wouldn't be able to do if it weren't in the air sac, right?

Anyway, today is day 26 and I'm not worried or anything, I know they can take a while, but when should I start to worry if I don't see any duckies coming out?

It's pretty cute when I go down there. When I start talking they peep and the eggs wiggle around. Especially that third one. :)

If there are cracks in the shell - then the ducklings have broken through the membrane into the air sac. You should see them start to unzip the egg around 24 hours after the first crack in the egg. a few hours either side is normal too though- just make sure the humidity is kept high and if all is well you should have a duckling within the next 24 hours. I love talking to the eggs while they are working on hatching- theres something so wonderful about seeing an egg wobble and hearing the little noises coming from within- best of luck with your hatch.
Thank you, I think everything is going to be fine. I woke up this morning to a fully hatched baby!

It's now in the brooder, but not happy unless I'm right there with it the whole time. I can hear it peeping right now, actually.

Another one is getting really close to fully hatching. It's beak is through the shell and it peeps like crazy whenever I go to check on them. The other is still active, but not quite there yet. I'm betting on later tomorrow for that one.

For now, here's a picture. I'll try to get better ones soon. :)


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