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Oct 2, 2020
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Hey all. So this is my first batch of chickies, and i want to spoil the crap out of them, and cost is only a minor issue.. They are 13 going on 14 weeks, i know its not time yet, but I've been looking at prospective layer feeds for when they starting laying.. I like the grubblies layer feed, but that price is a little higher than I'd like.. So i found layena omega-3 layer feed that looks decent and is 20bucksish cheaper. First question is are they both decent feeds? Second question is can i get a bag of both grubblies layer feed and layena, mix it and feed it? I'm a total noob at chicken nutrition so any explanations and/or suggestions are welcome! I just want to do whats best for my girls (and boys).
I have 8 lovely Brahma pullets, and 3 big Brahma cockerels, and will be getting 10 more girlies in march.
Thanks in advance!



Purina layena omega 3
I used 3 bags of Purina Layena plus Omega 3.
I liked it but dropping Protein from 18% to 16%, 3 of 5 Golden Comets started to feather pick.
Golden Comets are exceptional layers.
You may not experience bad behavior with Brahmas.
I changed back to 18% Protein and they still feather picked.
I had to buy Pinless Peepers and put them on the 3 culprits for 3 weeks.
I switched to Nutrena Hearty Hen 18% that contains Omega 3 for awhile but it was a couple of dollars more than Purina Omega 3.

I now just feed a Non-Medicated Starter-Grower crumble 18% with Oyster Shells separately.

My Hens 28 months old and Pullets 7 1/2 months have never had a Layers feed.

A photo of eggs from Pullets and Hens.

I take a fish oil supplement for my Omega 3. GC
You shouldn't be using either feed at this point. Both of them are for layers and your birds are far too young to be laying. They don't want or need that extra calcium. In fact it will start to set their pelvic early and can cause problems when they finally are at layer age.

Use a grower or for pellet form and higher protein, which I prefer, use an all flock type feed. All that means is it is non medicated and does not have high calcium. Some companies make feed with 'all flock' on the label. Work fine and just cost a bit more as they are marketing to inexperienced poultry folk. Turkey/gamebird finisher will be cheaper, in pellet form, around 20% protein which is good for growing birds and only have the normal 1% calcium. Perfect all flock feed.

I feed an all-flock feed, Purina Flock Raiser, 20% protein, with a separate dish of oyster shell for the actively laying birds.
It's always fresh, within one month of the mill date on each bag, where I shop. Your pullets shouldn't get a layer feed until they are all producing eggs, if ever. And pick a diet that's fresh, by mill date, where you buy feed. Your choices will vary, there's no one best choice.
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I use Purina All Flock and Dumur Layer feed, I set both out in a canister type feeder. They just eat whichever they need for that day. Plus I have a rooster I want to keep him healthy, since he no longer eats mealworms anymore, he just gives it to one of the girls.
16% protein isn't enough for chickens. It should really be 18% or higher. All flock/flock raiser feeds have a higher amount of protein, and calcium is easy to supplement with a dish of oyster shells on the side. Layer is also bad for roosters because the extra calcium can give them kidney problems when they are older.
I agree if you're going to be mixing feeds, I'd aim for mixing a higher protein feed in. 16% is the minimum protein you'd want to feed.

Since you have boys I'd avoid layer feed completely, and instead go with an all flock or grower, something with around 1% calcium and 17-20% protein should be fine for all your birds.
Thanks for all the wonderful info! I'll definitely look into an all flock feed, don't want my boys having issues.
I wasn't planning on changing the feed up till they were laying age, but was just wanting to have a plan ready so i can make sure my feed stores carry it.

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