Question about my first eggs


May 23, 2015

The size appears out of hands are small and so is my sink. I would guess the eggs are about 1/2 the size of a medium egg that you buy in the store. They are a pale pink/tan color.

My question is which chicken is likely to have laid them?

My possibilities are:

One adult hen - her eggs are the large variety and much darker.
1 OEGB pullet
1 Cornish bantam pullet
1 Red Sex Link

I seriously doubt my Ameracauna laid them - she's maybe 13 weeks old now. I also doubt my Welsummer pullets laid them.

I also doubt that my one non-crowing Cherry Egger is responsible. The feathers are all the male type.

So, whose might they be?
Thanks, I just keep thinking those eggs are HUGE for such a tiny bird. I would be surprised if she is much bigger than a month old standard pullet. In fact, I suspect her carcass if butchered out would be about the size of the game hens you can buy in Wal-mart's freezer section. Maybe even lighter than that.

In spite of the size of the egg compared to her I would guess she is the likely candidate based on the fact her comb is the reddest of all the pullets.

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