Question about NPIP?UPDATE____bad news!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dec 19, 2009
haughton louisiana
Nice lady came out Monday and did the NPIP test. about half of our birds were positive. We have the clean ones in a new penaway from the others. She is coming back in two weeks to re-check.

My question is.......we will be dispatching all positive birds and starting over with that half of the flock. Is there anything I can do to kill the problem in the soil?

On a side note All the quail were good to go as well as all the Bantums. I had just bought 15 new birds from Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days about a week before and they were positive and had already passed it to some of the original flock.

How do you kill this stuff!!!!!!! I am so upset. I guess this is a good lesson to learn!
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NPIP tests for pullorum– typhoid

Depends on where you live because they also tested for salmonella on all mine
NPIP tests for pullorum– typhoid

Depends on where you live because they also tested for salmonella on all mine

Salmonella pullorum and Pullorum Typhoid are the same things.

What is Salmonella Pullorum Typhoid (P-T)?
Salmonella Pullorum Typhoid (P-T) is a bacterial disease which can produce significant mortalities in chicken, turkey and game bird flocks. Transmission occurs primarily through the egg but also occurs via direct or indirect contact with infected birds. Nearly all chicks with P-T die; those that survive become carriers and can infect their chicks.​
I'm assuming you had a field test turn up positive and they are now testing the samples at the lab? I've been told that birds can show a false positive result for P-T if they have been exposed to salmonella at some point in their lives. However, that does NOT mean they have P-T. Pullorum disease has not been seen in the US in many years (the 80s I think) so your flock may be just fine.
I'm surprised the tester didn't take the birds that tested positive for testing in the lab. I thought that was the protocol. I had a [false] positive a few years ago & the tester took the bird to the state lab for testing where it was determined the positive reading was false. Downside was I had to pay for the testing.
A couple of years later the tester that does my birds had a true positive result [multiple birds] about 70 miles from me. I knew the people that had those birds & wasn't surprised by the result. Pretty dirty farmers. Per the tester that was the only true positive result she'd ever had in many years of testing. There are occasional positive test results but very rare.
If I were you I'd wait to panic until after the retesting. The odds are good yours was a false positive result.
She took three of the birds to test. They will culture the organs at their lab and if it comes up positive there they will send samples off up north somewhere for further tests.

Louisiana is a voluntary test state and ALOT of people don't volunteer. She helped me out with where not to look for birds.

I will wait until she tests again to start the camp kenmore process. These are grown birds so I am thinking of deboning and boiling for chicken salad meet for the freezer.

These will be the first out our flock to process and a couple of them are some of our first birds. Ain't gonna be easy on those.
Well I got a call from Dr. B. at the state facility yesterday and the new birds are positive on the pullorum and also had Micoplasm Galiseptica, (Battlestar Galactica?) Looks like I will be starting over with my big birds.

I will NEVER buy from anyone that is not NPIP. Hard lessons are learned painfully.

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