Question about Re-Introducing injured hen with Rooster

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    Here is my RIR "Nugget" she was attacked a week ago by a stray dog, she is eating and drinking and seems to be okay as far as energy after a week indoors. She ate scrambled eggs for a few days, now she's just eating her regular feed. She is also missing feathers from the back of her right leg. Her Vent area also was lacerated and she has been having some bright green loose stools, other times the stools are more normal looking. (are green stools normal after an attack?) We don't have a vet nearby that specializes in poultry, so we did the best that we could. I've put Blue Kote on the edges of the larger wounds to keep her from peck ing and I used another topical for the deeper wounds. My concern is, (not trying to get my hopes up, but hoping she pulls through) that we have 1 rooster and do I need to wait until her feathers grow back to reintroduce her to the flock? I'm afraid the rooster may injure her or even be a cause for breaking the skin and her getting an infection. My chickens are 7 months old and I'm new to the Chicken keeping world. I did order some Saddles, but they won't arrive until after Christmas, and maybe by the new year. I tried a baby 'Onsie' with slits in the sides as an option to keep her from pecking at the wounds and she didn't like that very much, I don't blamer her. Any advice or thoughts are very appreciated!
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    Those do look really bad, but I've seen chickens heal up from stuff like that, I wouldn't put her where the rooster can get her for a while, probably gonna take a month or two or three, to totally heal that up. I would make a pen within your coop where she can be involved but not touched, it pretty easy to put together a temporary pen with wire and anything available.

    She will clean her wound, I've never stopped them from doing this as I think they remove any dead tissue and keep it clean. So I personally wouldn't worry about covering it, you just don't want anyone else to be able to get at it.

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