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Do female RIR get green tail feathers or any greenish feathers on their neck? I have just come to the realization that I may have a rooster instead of a hen.
"Rosie" is about 12 weeks old and has big green tail feathers and some greenish/black ones on her neck. (would post a photo but can't get it to work)

We can't have roo's in the city of Dallas, so I will have to find a home for if he's a roo. I could cry!
Of the four chickens we have, Rosie is always the first one to jump up in my lap and snuggle. I just adore her.

The guys at the feed store where we bought our chicks told me they only carry hens. HHhhmmm....
One more question.......When do roosters get their spurs? All of my chickens have tiny dots on the backs of their legs, but nothing is growing there yet. (crossing fingers here!)

I thought if my RIR was a boy, he would have the beginnings of spurs by now. So far, nothing.
I'm new at the chicken thing- sorry if some of these questions seem dumb.
Sorry, if that is the picture of your bird then it is a rooster, or an extremely strange developed female. Even the body shape screams male. It also appears to have a rounding tail, but I really can't tell as well due to the way it is holding it.
I have seem some females with black, but not that much and their breeding wasn't true (hatchery birds).
As for spurs that depends on the breed, and it can take a year or more to develop, and sometimes depending on the breed the girls can get a nice pair as well.

head or 10 week RIR pullet

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