Question about showing as a trio vs. singly

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    DD has been showing her bantam Ameraucanas for a couple of years now and really enjoying it. She's always entered her birds individually, but this year there's the option to enter as a trio and we're wondering how that works. How is a trio judged? Are the birds basically judged individually and then the scores totalled up? Or is there some other criterion? And if she enters birds as a trio, will they also be judged as individuals (and compete against other single entries)? She's trying to decide how to enter her birds this year and I'm not sure what to tell her, or what the advantage/disadvantage would be of doing that.
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  2. juliechick

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    I'm afraid it depends on the show. You may need to put in a call to the show secretary. Sometimes the birds are judged individually and then the judge goes back and judges the trios. However, at other shows they are judged as trios only.

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    trios are show against trios
    each bird is judged and the trio that has the best 3 bird in it well win
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    A bird in a trio can place BV or BB, but they often will not be judged among the pullet/hen or cock/cockerel placings (sometimes, though, they will). All birds in a trio must be same breed, variety and age range (two pullets and a cockerel or two hens an a cock). The girls should look as close to identical twins as possible. For example, if your showing blues, they should be the same shade of blue, not one light and one dark.
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    Quote:Correct and the male should match the females.

    At the last Crossroads (2006) the Champion Bantam was a Brown red Modern Pullet taken out of a trio. The trio was also champion trio, so in a way a bird did get 2 starred wins in one show.
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    Hmm, I forsee a problem -- her cock is a blue wheaten, but the hens are wheaten, so I guess they couldn't be exhibited as a trio even though we keep them together to get chicks of both varieties. Great information though, and just what we needed to know! Many thanks.
  7. lceh

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    Oct 15, 2008
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