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Mar 9, 2009
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I have noticed that a lot of people here have silkies and I was wondering this: At McMurray the silkies are painted and so to me they arn't as pretty but I have seen then in pics on the forum. So my question is are they prettyer in real life than in the painting? The thing for me is I don't realy care much for the face of the silkies in the painting.


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Jan 1, 2009
here's what I did when I was still in the thinking stage... I typed in Silkie chicken to my browser page, and then clicked on "images"--- they are awesome! They look like wonderful feather dusters when fully mature - granted, just like in humans, dogs, horses and anything that has to go through a "teen-age" they get kinda funny/goofy/ almost ugly during the teen moments... and I know what you're talking about - the paintings you were looking at... they're much cooler in photographs. (and real life)


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I am thinking that maybe if you do not like the faces on the paintings, you probably want the bearded ones? It seems like the hatcheries show many of the non-bearded as well as the bearded and you would get both in your assortment. The paintings really do not do any of them justice though in my opinion.
Quality on hatchery silkies are not great, but I have seen some that are decent. They will not be like the ones you can get from a breeder though.

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If you look at photos of show quality silkies, then order from a hatchery, you are likely to be disappointed.

SQ birds have better, fuller feathering, larger, fuller crests, correct combs and toes (not to mention skin colour), rounder, typier shape.

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