Question about the red vent plugs....


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
New Boston, NH
I'm new at this hatching...I have a little giant bator (still air w/egg turner), and thought I had it set at the right temperature and stable for days, then put 15 eggs in and its now been a couple days. I put the eggs in on the 18th. I went out today to buy a digital thermometer/humidity unit and place it in the bator only to find out that at one end of my bator was cooler by 5 degrees than the other end. My husband and I used one of his fancy temp thingies that he uses for work to check out the temp in all the different areas by way of putting the wire through the tiny holes all around the bator. The temp was definately warmer at one end than the other. It took me a while, but then I realised that I had only one red vent plug in, and the end without the plug was much cooler by 5 degrees. Now...Do I leave the vents in during the beginning of the incubation period? I read that you start with one and take both out during or after day 18. I put the other red plug in and the temp is stabilizing. My humidity is naturally (no water in the well/rings) set at 49%, because of all the lovely rain we have been getting here in NH. So, I guess my question I take the vent plug out, or should I leave it in? If I take it out my temps aren't even. Not even close. Do I take both out, and stabilize my bator temp, then increase humidity on day 18? I need help here...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
Lebanon, Virginia
I always leave one in till day 18, but if you think you are having temp issues then do whatever works for you. I don't think it will hurt anything. Just causes more air flow. Try it and see if you can keep your temps steady that way.

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