Question about using a Little Giant for lock-down - help!

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My Coop
I have a Brinsea Eco 20 (with an egg-turner), and I wanted to do some "continuous hatching.."

I LOVE my Brinsea - it is a "set it and forget it" type of incubator!! But I'm only getting about 6 eggs a week from my 3 SLW hens and I'd like to do three hatches right in a row.

So I was thinking of gettin a Little Giant for the eggs to go into lockdown.

I have read mixed reviews on the LG's...but I was wondering what you thought of them for use just doing lock-down?

I got one of those and a genesis
and I use my sports man and those 2 little ones are just for lock down, I thing that is a good idea.

cause youe eggs already developed and all you need is a place for them to be born.

just make sure you have humidity I live mine at 70
i didn;t even know it was a fellow Floridian.

Hi Kelly,
Hi there,

That's what I do--use the still air LG for lockdown. People recommend using that rubbery but full of small holes type of shelf liner stuff to put on the metal hardware cloth to make cleanup way easier, and it still lets the air all around, and the humidity can circulate.

One thing I have noticed with my 2 recent hatches is that the temp in the LG has a tendency to jump up a degree or 2 partway through the hatch..maybe from the chicks' body heat??? So watch the temp. I'd recommend using a Spot-On type thermometer, sticking the probe through one of the top vent holes, then the other vent hole. I've also noticed the thing reads sometimes a degree or more different depending on which vent hole you use!

I know that the recommended temp for forced air incubators is something like 99.5, whereas for still air incubators, it is 101.5 maybe. BUT several sources say that during hatch, the temp can be down a couple of degrees. Some people on the forums here don't recommend turning the temp down. It's something I'd like to hear more opinions on.

Anyway, happy hatching!!
I have used Little Giant quite a few times, and it works kinda ok for me, but love the Hova incubator better! Its a plug, add water and forget type. With the Little giant, its hard to keep the right humidity for it has too small of a channels to hold the water, you will need to add things like sponges, and keep adding water in. Plus the temp is hard to keep at.

My Hova bator- You can see the chicks hatching.
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