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    Apr 22, 2012
    We are putting the finishing touches on our coop (The Chick-chal-A) and preparing it to house our five girls. We started with a wooden shipping crate up on legs, and it is on its side lengthwise, with two outward swinging doors in front in a hutch-like configuration. Since we do get some snow and freezing temps in the winter here in OR, I wanted to leave the box part of the coop as cozy as possible without wire mesh on the doors and such. We have an opening at the bottom with a ramp down, and three circular vents on one side. Otherwise everything is fairly buttoned up. What are your thoughts regarding ventilation? Do we need more? Are lots of vents necessary for air quality (keeping the stink down inside)? Thanks for the input!

    edited to add: just discovered the ventilation page...lots of my questions got answered already!
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    For your area, go with as much close-able ventilation as possible. With only 5 girls (depending on the size of your coop of course), you're not going to have to worry about bad smells as long as you're responsible in cleaning. Have you considered a dropping board?? They make clean-up easy and quick.
    You want as much vent. as possible for summer heat. When temps. plummet, you can close off the bulk of your ventilation (although you want to leave some open). Close-able ventilation is as easy as hinges and plywood pieces or Plexiglas screwed over...

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