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    Apr 16, 2009
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    After posting a question on substrate for newly hatched chicks I came to the conclusion from several posts giving advise on using hay for a substrate.

    However, living in Maine I checked out the University of Maine's site on "Getting You Chicks Off To A Good Start"

    In their information I read this following statement where they say not to use hay or hardwood shavings.

    My main thought is the risk of impaction to the chicks and thought the hay would be better for new chicks.

    Does anyone have a differing opinion?

    Be prepared before your chicks arrive. Clean the brooder house: start by brushing down cobwebs and dust from ceilings and walls. Sweep and wash the floor thoroughly. Scrub the area with a good disinfectant, then air out the building. Cover the floor with two to four inches of clean, dry litter. Dry pine shavings or sawdust and other absorbent materials, such as shredded newspapers, make good litter. Hardwood shavings or hay are not suitable for litter. Make certain the brooder area is free of rats and mice and protected against predators. Start the brooder 24 hours before the chicks arrive to be sure everything is in a good working order.


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    I have always used pine shavings. One bag at the feed store lasts 3 weeks and it's 2 bucks.

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