Question - Dusting Birds before or after Washing them?

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    My daughter is a 4-H Kiddo and she has an event in a couple of days that we need to take 2 of our birds to... I'm not 100% sure our birds have some type of Mite or Lice... but I noticed after holding one of them that I had a red little bug on my arm... even though when I look at them I don't see anything when I am searching... So I need to bathe these birds for this event... do I dust them before or after with Sevin? And if I dust them afterwards how long before I am able to start eating the eggs again?
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    I would dust them after bathing (blow them dry with hair dryer) when they are completely dry.

    Actually, I'd be extra cautious and bathe them NOT inside your home- maybe you can do it in the garage or other outbuilding. You don't want them to collect in your home. They will not breed on human blood but will bite humans and annoy you. I toss all clothes in hot water wash immediately and take shower when dealing with mites.

    Also vacuum your home and change sheets if they accidently come in on your clothes.

    Sevin works great but isn't approved for poultry anymore since I think they sell poultry dust at the feed store. They also sell liquid permethrin you can spray on the birds after dilution (dilution instructions under label).

    Repeat dusting or spraying at 7 days for mites(and another 7 days for lice). Treat coop also or they will be back. Toss all bedding and nest box material (unless you use sand like me- I shake dust everywhere). If I don't toss shavings in nest boxes they come right back.

    I have dealt extensively with mites and it requires an aggressive approach. Then repeat in 7 days to break life cycle. If they are back then treat then repeat 7 days later. They will go away with persistence. Make sure you wear a mask with dusting, get under wings, vent area, everywhere but the face and take shower afterward.

    I continue to eat the eggs after dusting...I am not sure what the official recommendation is. I know they don't want you to put the stuff inside the nest boxes.
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