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I have a borrowed LG 9200 and I am having trouble getting the temp just right. I am just practicing and do not have eggs yet. The problem is the temp control does not have a knob. Should there be one? All I have is a small white stem to turn and it is next to impossible to caliberate it to 99.5 I can get 98.0, 99.0 or 100.5 just can't tweek it to 99.5.

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The stem is all there's horrible. We are hatching today and STILL can't get the temps correct. This thing is going in the garbage as soon as the hatch is over. If I ever decide to attempt another hatch I will spend the money on something more user friendly. We had the exact same problem with the temps....the thing just didn't want to go to 99.5 no matter how we turned the knob. Today we had a temp spike to 102 and then without turning the knob the stupid thing went down to 94....and we have ducklings in there trying to warm up and fluff out! It's seriously the worst $40 bucks I have ever spent.

I hope it gets easier for you, good luck!
Try the weatherstripping trick. put it where the cover sits on the base. makes all the difference. I turn the eggs(by hand) mine settles out at 99. stays there all day. turn them again goes up to 100.0 then stay right there till I do it again. stays nice and steady, just not at 99.5. I feel like there is more flux in the thermometer, than the unit itself. from what Ive read, if youre between 99 and 101, you shouldn't sweat it. good luck.
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If it's a still air, 101 degrees is good! I have a still air.

I also put about 3 containers of water on the sides, and that stabilized the temp pretty well.
I'm very disapointed with the "white stem" too.
I have two LG 9200s going, and they've been anywhere between 94-104 (because of my attempts to turn it up/down half a degree). My third hatch is hatching tomorrow, and when I candled them on day fourteen, 90% were looking fine and dandy. So what I've learned is don't fret... everything will turn out fine.
I have 2 Little Giants. I took two "knobs" (large) from an Old broken radio and fit them on the stems for adjusting the temperature. It makes adjusting much easier and much more precise.

Thanks for all the replies. I have since found a rubber plug that I drilled out so it fits over the stem. It seems to make the adjustment a lot easier..

Thanks again


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