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Apr 10, 2009
Upstate NY - Albany area
Did any of you have an issue with the duck eggs I sent you where the ducklings pipped the wrong end? Of the 25 eggs we put into lockdown on Tuesday about 11 of them pipped the wrong end. Most of them died in the shells because they pipped through veins. We did decide to rescue one after many hours but it is very weak so I have no idea if we did the right thing...I won't be rescuing any more. Just wondering if you had the same problem with any of the eggs you got from me. I have a feeling it has more to do with my incubator than the ducky parents but I wanted to ask you guys to make sure.

Thanks in advance!
I didn't have any pip the wrong end, but I did "help" them all out. After HOURS of them not zipping, I helped them out of their pip holes. They had all pipped very large holes, but not zipped. By the time I helped them, the blood supply was dried up & yolks were absorbed. Basically, I pulled the top of the shell off & they slid out. Then I put them back in the 'bator to dry off & fluff up.
How high was your humidity? I raised my humidity some for the ducks. I had it around 70ish for the hatch... and they still seemed to have trouble moving around in their shells. Hhmmmmm... ?
The one that didn't hatch was quite low in the shell. Not up-side-down, but very low.
I had the humidity at 75% but with 8 eggs left and all showing movement still I bumped it up to 95% on a tip that if it's not humid enough then the ducklings will stick to the shell and not be able to get out. I am now debating whether I should help any more or not....none of the 8 with movement have pipped but a couple look like they are ready to hatch. Most still seem a couple days behind and I am not going to touch them for fear of causing them to bleed to death.

Do you have any idea why they would be having trouble moving in the shells and zipping? Do you think it is related to the size of the drake (pekin) vs the size of the ducks? Did it seem like the swede had as hard of a time as the others?

We have had 3 welsh harlequins (one didn't make it), 2 anconas that look like mallards which is baffling us because none of our ducks look anything like mallards, and a pekin that has bum legs (wish we knew who the mom was).

This hatching business is harder than I thought it would be.
This was my 1st duck hatch. I really didn't know what to expect. The only reason I helped is because I felt responsible for the poor hatch. I figured I probably didn't have the humidity high enough or something.
I wouldn't be too scared to help. Like I mentioned before... when I helped the 3 that pipped, they just hatched right out. Blood vessels were dried up & yolk was already absorbed - they just couldn't get out of the shell. That final ancona didn't even pip. I didn't try to help it, but I wish I would have, in retrospect.
The 3 that I helped are doing well. I have no idea if they look male/female. LOL! I really don't know much about ducks.
They love swimming & making a mess. I would like to keep a couple, if I had the room. They are named Buffy, Xander, and Angel. LOL!
I love the names, very cute! Ducklings do love making a mess....and it does get bigger as they grow, lol. I think my hatching days are done for a long time until I have some better equipment and a little less going on in my life.

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