Question for some bantom keepers.


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Apr 4, 2014
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My chicks are still 6 weeks old so not sure what all we have in there. I have read some things saying that its not normally a big deal to keep 2;roosters? I was just curious about your experience, these guys are not Free range, so they will have a run and coop to share. There will most likely b 4-5 bantam hens and then there's my on an be barred rock girl too, shemeill be my onlymfull size in there. Thanks in advance for your help, Christina
I'll post a pic of my babes.
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Dec 16, 2011
The two black and white ones in the front are Silver Sebrights, and the gold and black one in the back is a Golden Sebright. Not sure on the others. You CAN keep two roosters if you have enough hens and room and if the roosters get along I'd say ten girls to a rooster.

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