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12 Years
Nov 7, 2007
Okay I live in Southern Ontario close to Toronto ....Michagan and New York State are across the borders ...right now the temperature this Sunday morning is around 30 degree's F .
My goose coop is not insulated ....I do have straw down on the floor and I have an old " wine" making plastic barrel in there on its side with straw inside ...hubby cut a little door in the side so I can open it and get the eggs out easier ...
My question is my young embden goose has started to lay eggs for the first time ...from what I am reading its recommended to leave the eggs in the nest so there would be a good chance of her going broody...but as the weather is unpredictable right now ...suppose to get warmer during the day colder at night ...we just finished having rain down pours we have a couple inches of snow ..
I am afraid the eggs will freeze ....can I put some fake eggs in the nest box the plastic coloured easter eggs ???...and then if she does go broody I could slip the goose eggs I collected under her ?
Merci !
Yes you could use fake eggs, collect your gooses eggs daily
and when shes broody, she will pull feathers, line the nest and commence to setting.
At that time you could transfer her eggs under her.
Not sure if she will accept the plastic colored eggs.
She might roll them out of the nest but you could try.
You can order fake eggs from vet supply sources and possibly get them'through your feed dealer.
Also you could simply keep removing her eggs so she keeps laying
and not go broody and wait until it warms up a bit more to allow her to set.
Good luck!
Hey there 2468Chickensrgr8 I live just up the road from you (Hamilton Ontario) My Africans have been laying for a week now and I'm taking all their eggs. I don't want them to freeze and I really don't want them to go broody....I want them to keep laying. I was so shocked this morning to wake up to like 3" of snow....when I went to bed last night at 10 it was pouring rain out so I was sure the goose house was going to be under water this morning.....but no that white stuff again

I'd say collect. And if you don't have an incubator if you want to drop them off I'd be happy to stick them in mine...I've got the sportsman up and running with my ducks and goose eggs in it.

Stay warm...this week sounds like rain and cold.
Hey Jack and mommy's duckies !!!! I actually live in Puslinch which is ALOT closer to you !!! I said Toronto because everyone knows where Toronto is ...
Wasnt that crazy ! all that rain ...I have ponds everywhere now ...and then waking up to the snow .I thought shovelling the white stuff would be done .....thanks so much for the offer of using the bator ...I am soooooooo tempted but I actually have one and thats how I hatched out Joan and Bruce ....but I have a styrafoam not a sportie If I had a sportie that would be D I V O R C E !!! LOL !!.... I am going to see if Mother Nature will do her thing ....this would be my first time ...I am collecting them also .....
I just recently bought 5 americana and 6 EE's chicks from a friend in Fergus ...the little darlin's are in a big box under a light in the basement ...
Thanks so much for the offer ...stay dry ! 2468.....
I have no idea where that snow is going......but as long as it is far away from me I don't care. Baby I got some cleaning to do and I can barley get my duck doors open to fit my body inside let along shovel out a winters worth of poopy hay. But soon soon spring and nice weather will be here..... Thank goodness.

2468Chickensrgr8 I'll pm you my personal info....we so need to get together and chat ducky
I've got lots of interesting stuff here and an order coming from Metzers end of this month
I soooo can't wait
OOOOOokay I checked out Metzers ....ohhhhh my !!!! D I V O R C E !!!! Beautiful Birds ...but I cannot all fairness to the birds .... I have enough poop ... lol !
Yes I cannot wait till nice warm weather we have to get through the wet poopy season ...

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