question for those who have ordered from Ideal


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I ordered from ideal on sept 18th. due to be shipped on sept.30... they have not taken thier money out of ma account yet... does anyone now how long after you ordered that they took thier mooney?

and another question... how long before they are due to be shipped should I notify the post office that i will pick them up when they come in?
thank you... I was just wondering... and I will definately enjoy the babies when they get here... I am nervous brcause i have neve ordered chicks before... I have always bought from tsc and our local feed stores....
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In their confirmation email they say approximately 7 business days before shipment. If that helps..

Ours are also due to be shipped the 30th

I blame the DH! He's an enabler!
I ordered 10 pullets from Ideal in February, and I don't think they took the money right away, either. I called the PO about a week before to make sure I knew where they'd arrive first - in my city all the mail comes to a central location and then gets routed to the different areas. I made arrangements to pick up my chicks when they arrived at the Distribution Center. Then I called the PO again the week they were to arrive just to remind them to call me and to make sure they had my phone number, etc. I admit, I called them a few times! My birds arrived a day earlier than I expected - I may have gotten the hatch and ship dates mixed up. I got 10 healthy pullets of the breeds I requested plus 7 males for warmth. Awesome experience with Ideal - good luck!
thanks that helps alot... I will call the po to let them know I am expecting them and give them my phone number to call me
I just got chicks from Ideal last week. They took the money out the day that the chicks shipped. They sent me an email confiming that the chicks were shipped. When I got the email, I went to the post office the next day and asked them to call me as soon as the chicks came in and that I would like to pick them up before normal business hours .
Ideal emailed me Tues night confirming the chicks had been shipped (I'm still a little confused, because the email came Tues night confirming they chicks shipped on Wed) The chicks arrived and I picked them up at 6:45 AM. All happy and healthy, no packing peanuts in an order of 12 standard chicks and 3 bantams.

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