How long does it take a power outage to effect the hatch rate in a Little Giant Incubator?

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  • Will not effect it at all.

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  • Only during Lock Down Period.

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Farmer Connie

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A short time ago, a drunk driver took out a power pole on our street early one morning. It knocked out our power feed. The utility crews replaced the pole after the rescue and the police did their stuff. The whole ordeal lasted about 3 hours.

We had 2 Incubator going. One was on day 15 and one was on lock down. Not sure if It effected the hatch rate. It dropped a little from our average but not much.

Last night/early morning about 2 a.m., because we have had over 11 inches of rain in the last week, a huge tree fell down the road. Knocked out the power again!

How we knew the power went out while we were sleeping was....
After the drunk guy power outage we took our BATTERY BACK UP FROM OUR HOME COMPUTER and plugged our 3 incubators into it. It started beeping a high pitched tone shortly after 2a.m..
This time the power was out until 5:30 or so.
1 incubator was just started yesterday so no big deal the other was about 9 days but #3 has lock down.

We saw the aftermath of the cut up tree driving towards town this morning. Wow. King Kong Tree with roots pulled out of the ground!

Battery Back ups are now part of standard operation now. Not only continuous operation during grid failure but surge and "GFCI" protection as well.

I won't tell you power outage's cause poor hatch rates, but I will tell you Back Up Power will give you piece of mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and I look forward to your replies. Have a great weekend!!!
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Didn't do the poll because honestly I don't know how long it takes for a power outage to fubar the eggs. I do know you're absolutely right about having a backup power supply though, we have alot of drunks determined to kiss trees around here so I got one before i even started hatching this year. By god it was needed as I knew it would be.

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