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    Mar 28, 2011
    Guess this is the first time i've had a hen go broody.. lost all but two of the birds i had in the yard to a hawk.. one is a young rooster that just has found his crow this week and a white leghorn hen thats a year old i know they're not ones to go broody but guess it can happen
    came home this evening and figured i'd get the two eggs that'd be in the nest box.. i was busy yesterday and didnt get the one she layed .i know she doesnt have but two under her
    question i've got is that i've got 6 in the bator due to hatch mid week... if she stays on the nest would it be possible to get her to take em ( by trying to slip them under her) when would i do it? before hatch or after? would just rather her raise them cause i got 23 in two different brooders already
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    Yes, right after they hatch, or around nighttime, sneak them under her. She should accept them if she has been a commited broody for at least 5 or 6 days. You don't want to give chicks to a broody that only started going broody for a day or two, cuz she might not be completely broody(not commited to sittin there) and she might leave the chicks. Make sure she is in a separate pen and good luck [​IMG]

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