Question on color of Bantam Cochins that I have.


5 Years
Apr 21, 2015
I purchased some chicks prior to our eggs in our incubator hatching in case they don't hatch, my son has some chicks to work with for 4H. And also so he won't be quite and devastated if they die.

I ordered the following chicks and am not sure I got what I ordered on some of them:

2 Blue Bantam Cochins
2 Black Sex Link
2 Barred Rock
2 Welsummer
4 Americaunas/Easter Eggers

Can you please tell me what colors these should be?

Based on my checking, the Welsummers (the two oldest chicks) look right. So do the Barred Rocks, as I've had those before. I'm pretty sure I have more than 4 Americaunas/Easter Eggers... but not 100% sure. I do not however think I have Blue Cochins, and not entirely certain they are bantams actually, which isn't a problem; just wanted to know, plus, if I paid more for something that isn't what I got, I'd like to let them know (the few cents isn't worth fussing over really; but more of an "FYI, you guys kind of didn't pay attention").

Any help in figuring out these colors would be greatly appreciated.


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