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    I am making up a bunch of deviled eggs for my grandma's birthday luncheon and was going to travel with the egg halves in a container and the yolk mixture in an icing bag to put together on site. My question is how far in advance can I make the yolk mixture? I'm hoping it will be fine to prep a day or two ahead.

    And if any of you have some deviled egg or stuffed egg recipes, you are welcome to post them!
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    Nov 20, 2011
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    If you keep it below 40 degrees, it should be fine made a day or two ahead.
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    Just so you know, fresh eggs are a pain in the *** to peel!!
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    Yes, but simply keep the eggs in the fridge for a week or two before you hard-boil them for good success.
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    even if your egg is a pain in the a** to peel, you will get a good reward for going through the hard work. ;)

    Oh.. the funnest thing to do when peeling an egg is boil green eggs... the colors after you peel a little of the shell away is awesome.
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    Everyone at parties likes my mother's old recipe: mustard--enough to make mixture yellow
    egg yolks from boiled eggs, mashed with fork
    sweet pickle juice (no pickles) just enough to thin out mixture somewhat, but not too thin or mixture won't stand up in eggs
    mix together and put in a plastic storage bag--snip a hole in a corner and fill egg halves

    Above amounts vary will number of eggs and your taste. My Mom tops them with paprika, but I don't care for that.
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    No they aren't if you know the egg peeling secret
    There's a thread around here somewhere all about it...... but it seems that you must add them to the water already boiling, then boil on medium 15 minutes, then drain off boiling water 3 times with cold refill with cold add ice cubes set 5 minutes and there ya go perfectly peeled eggs..... I really didn't believe it until this morning, I wanted a dozen for a sick doggy to make up food. anyway tried it and WOW I was shocked every egg peeled perfectly !!!!! Kim
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    No they aren't if you know the egg peeling secret

    That is good to know! Thanks
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    I never tried the pickle juice sounds good actually. I make mine a dozen at time, Mayo a tbls sour cream or ranch, salt pepper dry mustard power, a thin slice of minced fine red onions, topped with paprika........ yummyyy

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