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    We are gettin our 2nd round of chicks. Our current flock is 2 years old. When the newbies are old enough to stay in the coop with their big sisters how do we deal with the feed situation??? The newbies can't eat layer feed, right.

    As soon as we let them out they run to their food bowl that we keep outside. I assume they will ur to whatever is laying around. The big girls may run to the chick food and the younger ones may run to the layer feed.

    How do separate them?
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    I've never transitioned young chicks into an existing flock but I did read recently that one way is to switch everyone to the starter feed and then provide supplemental calcium to the layers. I think oyster shells was the mentioned calcium source. Hopefully someone with experience in this will chime in.
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    ^^ just clicked on here and you spoke the words I was thinking of
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    You definitely want to not feed layer to the younger ones.

    You can feed chick starter (20% protein), FlockRaiser (20% protein), or Grower (17% protein usually) If it is available. Give oyster shells in a separate bin for the layers. The younger ones will eat a little oyster shell too but they won't overindulge.

    Try to transition to this system as soon as possible so that you won't have any layer left.

    When your younger chickens are teenagers make sure you are feeding grower- not 20% protein to avoid potential reproductive problems from maturing too quickly, from what I have read on BYC.

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