question on light for laying egg in winter

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    Jul 15, 2010
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    I have 6 Rhode Island hens. I got 5 egges on average every day in the summer. However, I got only 1 or 2 eggs every day suddenly from last week. I don't change the feed. So I guess it may be becasue of the weather and temperature.
    I tried to increase the light time by a 30-watt light and used heat light (red) to increase the temperature. My question is if I keep the heat light on though the whole night, dose the red light give too much light time to the hens and affect their egg laying? Also I want to know if the temperature affect the egg laying. If not, I wan to save the power. By the way, I live in Connecticut.
    Thank you.
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    mine do fine in the winter with a 250 watt red heat lamp and since our winter is pretty harsh with no sunlight I have to mimic the light, I use a flood lamp in their chicken coop for four hours a day at least. so my heat lamp is on for 2 hours then off for 2 hours. and then the flood lamp is on for like four hours in the middle of the day. I usually get about 12 eggs out of my 16 chickens in the winter.

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