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Aug 22, 2007
Saw the sad title thing worked for someone else! Actually it is a very happy story with a very lucky baby!

I put 8 of my chickens' eggs in the bator sometime last month. They started hatching Wednesday and I've gotten one a day. The baby on day two died, which leaves me with four. Two have names and I want to keep them both but they will probably turn out to be boys! The two with names are named Cypher and Mink.

Before you read this, the baby is OK!
I have a little mystery if you want to take a go at it...
Ok, so the eggs before it weren't that difficult while hatching (except the one that died). The one last night went hours after the pip so I gently pulled a tiny piece off with tweezers and there was blood everywhere inside the little sack the chick was in. This wasn't caused by pulling a tiny piece off. So I left it alone until it started gasping. I started helping a tiny bit every hour or so. It soon became apparent that there were veins all over it's body and it was connected to the shell. After I helped it out and it dried off, it tried to move and it's head was twisted in weird ways and it twitched and fell onto it's neck and back. I cut a toilet paper roll in half and made a little cradle for it for the night and slept by the brooder. I woke up every two hours to give it water and make sure it was on it's feet. I last woke up at 6 and then my alarms quit going off and I ended up waking up again at 8 for the day. The baby was walking and everything! It had quit bleeding and even picked at it's food. She is now walking around with the others but still a little weak. What happened? Why were the veins there? Should I have helped earlier?

I'll get pics of everybody later!
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Mar 10, 2007
Maybe some one will come along that knows how to answer this.....


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Lesson #1, Storm, sweetie, never copy Chicken_boy, LOL!
Sorry, couldnt help myself!
Lesson #2, actually, it takes sometimes up to a day after pipping for the blood to retract from the vessel network and for the chick to continue on its way out. That's why all the blood. It could have bled out just as easily as it recovered. I'm glad it's doing really well, though!
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