Question on using storage sheds as coops?

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    Just curious how many people have used storage sheds as coops? How did it work for you and what modifications if any did you have to do to it? Lastly any pics? Thanks


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    Hi Robert! [​IMG]

    Both of my coops were built by me and DH. However, I am thinking of selling my bantam coop and buying a storage shed (expanding). I already know that I'll have to add ventilation (most sheds come with only one little vent) and windows, because I like lots of light. If you want electricity available, you'd need to run that in. And you'd probably want to put vinyl down on the floor - or thick porch paint -to make the floor water resistant. Cut out a pop door and add roosts (which you'd have to do on a built coop anyhow), and there you have it. I know we'll spend more $$$ buying a shed, but it saves SO much time and energy. I hope some folks with shed coops send you some pics...

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