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    Jun 2, 2013
    Hey, well I have a. Year old boxer named Marley he's honestly a very good dog and I decided to take him on a run around the neighborhood today, but he's really really scared of other dogs I mean he won't bark or growl or anything he's very submissive toward other dogs and people to, I mean I don't want him to be an aggresive dog but I do feel he should be aggressive if it means defending himself the reason why is because today were were running and a guys pit bull got loose from some guys yard and this pit bull went straight for Marley's neck my dog was quick enough to move out the way but the pit bull was so close to attacking him again until the guy came out and yelled to hisdog to come back home he apologized and checked over my dog to see if he was okay thank god he was, but my dog never put up a fight and was so nervous and anxious to get outta there if one day he gets attacked and I'm not able to help I want him to defend himself but he's just a scared what can I do to help?
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    YOU need to be the one to protect your dog. It isn't a bad thing that your dog did not engage, or else then you and your neighbor would be pulling two brawling dogs apart. That is a much more dangerous situation, by the way. Have you ever pulled two fighting dogs apart? It isn't something I'd recommend.

    Time to get yourself some pepper spray for walk time. If a dog attempts to fight with your dog, douse the attacking dog. Just be certain you don't get windblown back spray in your face. You can also buy a telescoping steel baton that is great for self defense against dogs. A crack from one of those will send most dogs fleeing. I have been attacked by strange dogs on walks before (and I've been bitten), so it isn't my first rodeo. I won't use lethal force against an attacking dog, but the dog will know I mean business.
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    Dogs don't respect property lines like we do. The way those dogs saw it, Marley was invading the pit's territory. That dog wasn't even observing the niceties of the dog world; Marley did exactly what he needed to do by refusing to engage with such an aggressive animal. Trying to defend himself against such an attack could very likely get him killed.

    Marley was only in that dog's space because you, his pack leader, put him there; it's up to you to keep him safe. I agree with Stacykins that you need to be prepared to defend your dog, rather than expect him to defend himself.

    That said, it does sound like your dog may be a bit too submissive, which can have the undesirable result of an animal turning into a fear biter. Does someone do obedience classes near you? I'm thinking that meeting other, well-behaved dogs (and people, too) in controlled, supervised interactions could help to give your dog more confidence, and make you both more comfortable when out in the neighborhood.
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    A one year old Boxer is still pretty young, not much more than a pup really. It sounds like he could use some socialization, he needs to be exposed to situations so he can become more confident. A submissive dog is so much better than an aggressive one in my opinion. Take him places that he can meet people and other, calm dogs to make friends and play with.
    But really, you don't want a dog that will engage in a fight. You are lucky no-one got hurt and that is completely because you pup was not aggressive. Think how bad it would have been if your pup would have been more aggressive and fought back, that pit could have killed him easily and you would probably been bit when you tried to break them up. Just the cost of the vet bills could have been staggering.
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    Oct 19, 2013
    i agree with them all, your dog lives in a different world with different rules,, you are the pack leader , it's all about you being the protector. you should take your dog to dog parks maybe to get more interaction with other dogs and people...

    .....on a side note I would be willing to bet it wasn't a real pit bull but a bully style mutt. 90% of "pitbulls" are not pit bulls at all.. pit bulls are not dangerous like the american style bullies. bullies have ruined the pit bull name
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    That is why I love sharing the Pick The Pitbull quiz! Most people cannot find the actual dog!
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